From an empty plot to a complete house in one day

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New construction standard
MorgenWonen is a new construction standard from VolkerWessels. In no time at all, they can build a home on an industrial platform. This is thanks to smart, interchangeable platform elements. The result is a durable, high-quality home. Low-maintenance. Zero-energy bills.
Each platform element is pre-manufactured in the factory, under ideal conditions. After it is transported to the building site, the components are very easy to fit together. With MorgenWonen there are fewer transport movements to and from the building site, there is less waste and the site is much more compact. The result: less CO2 emission, less traffic congestion, more use of environmentally responsible raw material and less environmental nuisance.
Project in Holten
For the MorgenWonen project in Holten, we supplied the facing bricks, including Mosa.
Project: 30 homes
Colour of facing bricks: 028 Mosa and other colours
Project developer: VolkerWessels, NL
Dealer: Bricks & Tiles concepts bv, Den Bosch, NL
Watch the video about MorgenWonen: